Polaris Public Relations

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Polaris Public Relations is a Boston-based communications consulting firm founded by Karen Schwartzman in 1999 to offer strategic advice and comprehensive communications services to individuals and organizations in New England. With 30-years of related experience in the public and private sectors, Karen specializes in crisis and reputation management. Her clients include executives, law firms, hospitals, independent and public schools, colleges and universities, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations forced to defend against negative public exposure associated with unusual events or circumstances.

Why Polaris?

Polaris is the North Star, the only star that remains fixed in the sky. At one time it was the only reliable guide for people who had lost their way. Through Polaris Public Relations, Karen guides people and organizations that may operate perfectly well under ordinary circumstances but get thrown off course when faced with unexpected and stressful events that put their personal or institutional reputations at risk.

At times like these, people want clear guidance and stability, someone who has led people and organizations through difficult situations before. When they hire Polaris Public Relations, clients get:

  • Sound judgment
  • Extensive experience
  • Good instincts
  • The ability to calm things down
  • Candor
  • Strategic thinking
  • Advocacy with passion
  • Strong oral and written communications skills
  • Real partnership until the problem is solved

What’s Unique?

Many crisis managers claim these qualities. But more often than not, these managers run large or mid-sized public relations firms where clients’ problems are handled by junior or mid-level associates who are learning with their clients as they work through the challenges of unfolding events. People who hire Polaris PR seek senior level talent – only. And that’s what they get: Karen's advice and counsel, her time, her writing skills, her passionate advocacy, her common sense, and her total commitment to stay with them until their problem is solved.

That’s unique.

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