Most public relations consultants have backgrounds in marketing and related fields and, therefore, are strong allies for a client seeking publicity for a new product, service, or event. Polaris PR, with its emphasis on crisis management, is different primarily because its principal, Karen Schwartzman, learned the trade working with experts in problem resolution and trouble-shooting.

Karen holds a bachelor's degree not in communications - but in psychology. She holds a master’s degree not in marketing- but in public administration. After graduate school, Karen took a job not as an associate in a public relations firm, but as a government investigator of public corruption and conflict of interest. And years later, when she assumed the position of spokesperson for BankBoston Corporation, while her staff wrote news releases to publicize new products and services, she worked with senior management to protect the Corporation’s reputation through the diverse challenges that face any company of such size and complexity.

This is not the path of a typical public relations consultant. It is, however, the right road to crisis management consulting.

Clients who rely on Polaris Public Relations for strategic communications and defense understand and appreciate the following qualities:

  • Selective: Karen chooses clients carefully, recognizing that one must believe in a client’s cause to be an effective advocate.
  • Candid: Karen tells clients, in a diplomatic way, what they need to know, even if it’s hard news to deliver or for the client to hear.
  • Experienced: As a result of the many crisis situations she has faced and helped navigate, Karen has a calming influence on clients in crisis.
  • Collaborative: She seeks team approaches to problem resolution; she does not get out ahead of her clients.
  • Creative: Karen thinks outside the box and where appropriate, takes some risks, always in collaboration with the client.
  • Conscientious: Karen owns her clients’ crises as if they are her own.
  • Available: Karen maintains a manageable workload, never taking on more than she can handle.
  • Credible: Viewed by reporters as credible, Karen is known to tell the truth - without exception.
  • Resourceful: Karen maintains strong ties to other senior level public relations professionals, so that Polaris PR has bench strength when additional resources are needed.