Polaris Public Relations has helped more than 150 clients since it was founded in 1999; clients have benefited from expertise in the following key areas:

Strategic Communications

  • Following a tailored approach to communications, recognizing that clients must communicate with an array of constituents who are best served by messages that are prepared specifically for them and who receive them through appropriate channels and styles.

Media Relations

  • Developing and implementing sound media relations strategies (proactive and reactive) for maximum impact.
  • Serving as the client’s hands-on media advisor and spokesperson.
  • Using the full power of the press (news, editorial opinion, features) for maximum impact.
  • Leveraging long-standing media contacts and personal credibility to negotiate matters of timing, story placement, and slant.

Consumer / Client / Patient / Parent / Neighbor / Employee Communications

  • Writing effective, audience-appropriate messages for key constituents.
  • Creating and overseeing advertising strategies to influence public opinion.
  • Participating in presentations to trustees, directors, donors, and other key constituents.

Strategies for Crisis Prevention

  • Teaching clients what steps they can take to prevent a crisis from occurring.
  • Advising school  leaders about steps they can take to protect a school’s reputation. Learn More
  • Advising clients on strategies to build, demonstrate and leverage acts of corporate citizenship.

Public Relations Management

  • Helping clients retain appropriate and effective public relations counsel by overseeing competition and selection processes. Learn More
  • Providing advice to law firms about how best to work with public relations counsel. Learn More